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Originally Posted by vdl View Post
Do you know messages/formats that comes from swaybar? My swaybar board is dead and i'm thinking about making new one (stm32 also). But without proper responses to can messages jeep will flash swaybar light.
I'm pretty sure it was CAN ID 994 (0x3E2) that the sway bar sends to the Jeep to control the light, with a packet length of one byte. I'm not totally sure what the contents were but you could try various numbers until it works. I'm pretty sure it was 0, 1, or 2 and I don't recall which correlates to solid, blink, or off. Worst case try all 256 possibilities since it's only a 1-byte length packet. It sends this packet approximately once per second. Hopefully timing isn't critical since my system inherently runs synchronously with the Jeep whereas you will be emulating it.

I'm not 100% sure on that and don't really have a good way to figure out as I encapsulated my board in epoxy after finishing the project so can't easily revert it to being a CAN-sniffer logger and don't personally own a CAN-to-USB adapter. In my final code I just forward all messages untouched in the direction of sway bar to Jeep so don't have it in my code. The above is just based on a data log I still have in the project folder.

Also, if you or anyone else is curious here's a bit more information on the process I went through to figure this out. I don't think there's any more info that'd help you with this particular thing though. https://tcengineering.wordpress.com/...r-can-hacking/

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