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Originally Posted by Mason View Post
Im with Alasha. I most likely wouldn't have a jeep if it wasn't for the 4 door, but for different reasons. I would likely have a mid 80s K5 blazer that would be sitting on jackstands, and possibly a newer truck than the one I have now.
Exactly. I'm right with you on the K5 too.................and the jackstands. I bought my 4dr not just because it's a Jeep but, because of it's dimensions.

Originally Posted by KOWBOY View Post
I could be mistaken, but I believe the fancy D80 was developed for the racin' buggy crowd. I know the one under the ass of my truck ain't got nothin' to do with a JK.
I think most of the racers run something like the Gearworks 10". I think the D80 came around as and answer to how heavy JKU's were getting.

Maybe the rock bouncers are using D80's, but it seems they just like to break parts half way up a hill.

Originally Posted by ASSFROW View Post
How in the fuck does what someone else does with their Jeep affect what you do with yours? Let them do what they want to their Jeeps and use them how they want and you do the same.

You sound like a bunch of whiney bitches that need Jeep safe spaces.

Jeep are like Harleys. You have real bikers that smell bad and sell drugs, and you have all the rest. All the rest is probably the bigger number. Jeeps are no different.

It just is what it is. Same can be said for Mustangs, Camaros, Corvettes, you name it.

The only group that has stayed cool........is motocross riders.

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