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Originally Posted by ALASHA View Post
Fixed it for you. The 4 door outsells the 2 door 4 to 1. While it did open the door to soccer moms and cartel caballeros it exploded the market into what it is today.

In your case for example, TnT "might" be around today and I say might because if you ask Bob how much of his business is JK related, you will quickly see how hard it would be to stay open without the 4 door but things like your fancy new D80 will almost certain not exist because there wouldnt be a big enough market to justify it.
Eh you don't know that for sure. If there were just 2 doors and an LJ version of the JK im sure the aftermarket would still be pretty abundant. Are you telling me if the 4 door wasn't around you or a lot of other 4 door owners on here wouldn't buy a 2 door like a Jeep has always been? For the record ive had 2 JKs both 2 doors
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