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Power steering mess

This is my first post (new member) and I’ve been looking but cannot find anything specific to my issue.
I have. 2010 jk unlimited mountain edition Jeep with a few mods, (but stock steering components). Almost 200k miles,
Just started leaking power steering fluid from what appears to be the steering box but not sure. I’m getting some overflow from the reservoir (no foam or bubbles) and it seems like I’m losing a shit ton of fluid from near the steering box, but the reservoir isn’t going down. No burning smell but a mess under the hood and under the Jeep from highway driving. I just ordered another steering box but am concerned about the pump maybe going bad. During colder months, when I first start it in the morning, it squeals for about 20 seconds. Has done this for the last couple of cold seasons. The belt “looks” fine. The fluid doesn’t look or smell burnt and I am having no noticeable steering issues, no play, no dead spots, no grinding. Any ideas from all you knowledgeable keepers? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I live in a small town and there are limited resources for trustworthy mechanics. Thank you in advance.
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