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Originally Posted by White13JKUR View Post
This reverse engineering project sounds very interesting. Thanks for doing it and more importantly for sharing.

Sorry but I have some completely lame questions...

How much time and money do you have into this?

Is it better than currently existing options like the eVo NoLimits manual or pneumatic options? The latter would give you OEM-like push button operation. Some folks already have onboard air.

Why does one need to disconnect the sway bar outside of crawling or running a trail?

My approach was to install the electronic portion of the sway bar into a small cardboard box located in my attic where it can remain clean, functional and reliable in solitude.

Still - your reverse engineering/hacking and sharing here is super cool.
About $30 and maybe 15 hours of work, of which almost all was writing code and figuring out the protocol.

The actual feature that you still have which other options don't give is feedback on whether the sway bar is actually connected or not. For example with NoLimits or pneumatic, you can disconnect it but you don't actually know whether it's disconnected yet, or visa versa when re-connecting. Not a big deal, but it is nice to know for when the mechanical section seizes up and needs to be opened and greased (which I've been through twice).

It's also great for me because my compressor is inside the vehicle and loud so I don't want pneumatic, and wanted to have control when driving.

I wheel mostly dry terrain (or at least not submerged in water and mud up to the sway bar) so the electronic section is great for me. I've had to rebuild twice, but both times it was the mechanical half that needed a grease job and cleaning which would go bad even with any of the aftermarket actuators for manual or pneumatic. Never had problems with the motor or electrical and doubt I will unless I get into mud wheeling which I never will.

I like to disconnect for a day of wheeling and not have it reconnect constantly. A pot-holed road is much more pleasant disconnected in my opinion. Also I'm running ORI's so I have a bit extra desire to have no sway bar off-road even at some speed.
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