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Thanks so much, guys... and Marcy lol. I've read all these comments several times now and I can't express my appreciation enough for the advice and well-wishes. Burning the candle at both ends lately so there unfortunately may not be much coherency in this reply.

Hopefully things won't change in any negative ways. I guess that's part of the reason that I was content with things the way that they were. But as mentioned... a healthy relationship recognizes compromise so rather than fight her on it ( as I did for the first few years) I made the decision to solidify my commitment to her. Also regarding concessions, I've realized that in all of my failed long-term adult relationships, that a big issue was me not being accepting of compromise nor individuality ( aside from one instance where the woman was simply a habitual liar and a piece of shit for accepting my support and subsequently never making things right. Sorry but that one still stings a bit).

With my soon to be wife, it's much different than any previous relationships and that's where I attribute my willingness to understand and value our differences. I'm rather OCD about things but I gotta say that I'm a lot less so than I was 5 years ago! I've discovered that being set in one's ways adds nothing positive to establish a healthy union nor does thinking that one is always right lol. Our willingness to go outside of our own individual comfort zone is I believe, something that has been crucial to establishing a solid foundation and with that, we are seemingly quite appreciative of our differences. I guess it's worth mentioning too, that I am very attentive to her needs and desires... be they spoken or not. I absolutely know that I will never be unfaithful to her in any conscious regard and I will continue to do as I always have over the last five years and provide her with guidance, support, security, and respect... Oh and I'm a fairly passionate and romantic son of a bitch too so that's probably a plus along with the fact that I keep her continually amused lol. I just really hope that all of these things will spell success for us.

Sorry for the rambling but the countdown is on! Today starts my vacation from work and she'll catch up to me next week so that we'll plenty of time off together. The wedding will be on a small scale, casual, and surrounded by about a dozen guests. Shortly after, we'll be heading down to the coast for the honeymoon. Then from there... no more threads about tether-balls, warm sauce, titties, lint brushes, stained seat-covers, or condoms.

You guys are the best. Thanks again so much for your support and I couldn't think of a better group of degenerates to crash a wedding so... I ain't scared! .

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