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Originally Posted by UFDUB View Post
Impressive! Nice trick to pull off and thank you for sharing. Seems not many have the know how AND bother to post up their findings.

Do you think you could figure out the esp? Figure out a way to disable in 2hi but still keep ABS? I know that is a more involved issue. Any thoughts?
No, that'd be extremely difficult and may actually be impossible if the firmware is secure. Sway bar is relatively easy because it is its own separate module and messages can be intercepted and adjusted. Killing ESP but keeping ABS would most likely require disassembling and modifying the code that's actually installed on the Jeep. Far beyond my skill level and the few people in the world who do that sort of thing would require strong financial motivation.

I assume you know about the purple wire hack which kills everything including ABS in any 4WD/2Hi mode? I've done that and it's really fantastic in certain off-road scenarios.
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