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Steven, I fitted a 5.7 from a 2014 Ram also using a JSS kit. My only difference is my 07JK is a RHD so a couple of items have been changed. But all in all, same deal with cooling.

I optioned to have a triple core radiator made from copper as this could be modded further down the track, if required. Glad I went this route as it has been back several times for tweaking.
When I originally fitted the Hemi, I ran an aftermarket fan due to the lack of space.
This unit smoked itself in a matter of weeks, so my bind was, do I order a new fan, or use what was available to me? Not wanting to screw around with waiting on a replacement, I utilized the factory fan by recessing the radiator into the support panel.
To buy more room, I ground the threaded section of the viscous hub down with the old angle grinder.

One thing that no one told me, if you use the factory fan, fit a 195f thermostat to the Hemi or otherwise the fan will always be running. Reason being, the Hemi's thermostat is a 203f, so the fan will start running before the Hemi's thermostat even thinks of opening.

My combo has allowed me to cruise at 55 mph in 105f temps with the scangauge registering 197f....

Another reason to fit the factory fan is that the ability of the computer to switch on the fan when the A/C is being used. Regardless of engine temp.
Despite what some say, the fan is controlled by the TIPM.

Hope this can possibly help..
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