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Can we discuss Rare Parts Ball Joints... again

Looking for some fresh input on the rare parts/sky jacker ball joints. I found a thread on them but it hasn't been updated and the longest someone on there had them was 7k miles.

I've had synergy ones for 50k miles on 37's and they are not completely shot, I think because I'm not running extremely low backspacing I'm at 4.5" with my 37's. I wouldn't even be looking to change mine yet but I'm getting ready to install some of the Rancho High Steer knuckles Santa brought me so might as well do the ball joints while I'm in there, right?

So that being the case I'm looking at Pro Steers for $500, Rare Parts for $600, or just doing another set of synergy (or teraflex/alloy/etc) for $200.

Hydro assist is pending this year don't know if that affects the decision. Thoughts?

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