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The problem I have with stories like this is not that people love and stand up for the rights of animals, but that they put animals above people.

When it comes down to it, it was a feral cat. She didn't go onto someone's property and kill a kid's pet or something. Ruining her life (firing her from her job and attempting to revoke her license is taking away her livelihood) over a feral cat is way extreme. EDIT: Not to mention the commenters calling for her to be shot, jailed for life, executed, or saying she'll burn in hell over this.

People shouldn't torture or be cruel to animals, and we should be responsible caretakers of our natural environment. But killing an animal isn't intrinsically wrong. So unless there is some specific reason you aren't allowed to kill feral cats, I don't believe someone's life should be ruined over something like that.

Now, as far as being fired, I suppose that's her employer's prerogative (whether I agree with it or not). They may have believed the facebook posting was bringing bad attention (I do think it showed poor judgment, but mostly just because of today's over the top culture of animals over people). You do have to be careful what you do in public when your employer thinks your actions could in some way represent them. But as for them pushing to have her license revoked, that's over the line in my opinion.

I know people who are way, way, way over the line in terms of this kind of thing (putting animals before people), and it's crazy what they will do.

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