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Installed the second of the two protector films today and took my time. As stated, very simple if you be patient. I know I hit it earlier but figured it needed it's own post.

Working with the Xpel Headlight Protectors, handy stuff - they have kits that protect hoods, doors etc.. think - film like you put on your phone to protect your headlights etc.. I may put some on the leading edge of my hood just to protect from rock dings and bug goo.

First - the surface needs to be completely clean of bugs/oil/wax etc... the directions call for a mixture of alcohol/water. I had some solvent made for that kind of stuff so I just used that. Also make sure that your hands are clean!

The box that the lights came in made a pretty good working platform...

I used a stolen hair drier that the MrsRG hasn't noticed missing yet so I presume she has a spare. I set the hair drier up and pointed it at the film to get it nice and pliable so it forms to the lens better.

The directions say to spray the film, and fingers, with the same mixture of alcohol/water. I had a spray bottle of ActionTac that is used for stickers etc.. and it works very well, dries up quick with no residue. Make sure to spray your fingers with whatever film solution you use.

I was able to remove the film backing without touching the sticky side of the film - if you touch it with a dry (or dirty) finger you will leave a print on there forever so take your time and it won't be an issue

Center the film on the lens, I set the drier up to keep the film warm throughout and believe it made it go smoother.

Use a squeegee to work out the bubbles from the center outwards

Once the middle stuck I decided to trim the edges thinking it would make it easier to work the bubbles out. I am not sure how much it helped, time wise, over the way I did it the first time. Either way works fine. I can't cut a straight line to save my life so just go slow and spin the box to keep the work at the right angle to get it nice and clean.

Finished with the trimming then continued to work the bubbles out while watching tv....

Once all the bubbles were out and the film was stuck I left the drier on while I fooled around in the shop. Went back a little while later and everything was nice and dry. Some of that "hazyness" was three but it is expected and can verify that after a week you can hardly see it on the other headlight, should be all gone in a few more days. This was the reason that I waited a week to install the second one.. wanted to compare the two and it seems to be working as stated by the mfg.

Good stuff to protect your headlights!!

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