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Waiting for night....

Quick look and I realized that I would need to adjust the Delta side down quite a bit, hopefully that means MORE light towards the front!

From the Delta web site:

"Delta developed a series of xenon headlight replacements for JK, TJ and CJ with DOT optics which outperform any stock headlights 4 to1. The JK series come with an adapter converting H4 system to H13. The headlights feature lead-crystal prismatic glass lens, vacuum metalized steel reflectors and rubber boot with vents to seal from dust and moisture. The set consists of 2 (ea) headlights, 2 (ea) H4 Xenon bulbs 60/55 Watt, 2 (ea) rubber boots and 2(ea) H13 adapters (JK model only)."

So Delta claims a 4:1 improvement over stock... this shouldn't be hard considering that the stock headlights are terrible IMO.... bad color and my watch light puts out about as much light as the stock setup. Anything would be an improvement - The Deltas, so far, are a simple plug and play option if their claims hold true.

I had a little time to kill while I waited for it to get dark so I decided to install the Xpel protectors... after reading the instructions on the back of the package it was clear that they are basically as set of stickers (thick, clear stickers) that install over your headlamps.

The instructions made it clear that the surface had to be clean, free of dirt/oil/bugs etc. clean the surface using a 3:1 alcohol/water solution then wipe down with a lint free cloth. Fortunately the new housings were nice and clean so this part was very easy.

The headlight protectors come pressed together - just separate the two and set them down - they need to be warm so the conform to the surface of the headlamp better so a blow drier or automotive heat gun is just about a must for a clean install. Just like installing window tint, vinyl stickers etc... using soapy solution makes it go pretty easy - don't forget to spray your fingers or you will leave fingerprints on the film. I was able to separate the backing from the film without touching the sticky side. Spray the film and spray the surface of the headlamp (and your fingers again) then position in the center. Use the provided squeegie to push the water outwards from the center while using the heat gun to keep the film warm and pliable. The Deltas have a slight contour so the heat gun helps it mold to the surface. This install isn't something that you want to rush through... take your time and it will come out just fine.

No need to notch the film with the Deltas

The one thing that I noticed is that there is excess film that needed to be trimmed after it was dry

A razor can easily clean up the edges, just take your time and work your way around the edges to get it cleaned up.

I only installed one to see if I could tell a difference with light output. I will install the second one tomorrow.

Darkness... finally

Delta on the passenger's side and stocker on the drivers side

You can see a significant difference in these photos...

Both Deltas installed

More light to the front for sure (I will get a pic of stock on both sides tomorrow for comparison)


From the front (Deltas on both sides)

**I will get some better pics from the road during the next 10 days**

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