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: Fordyce Creek Trail - Estimated Water Release Schedule

05-27-2009, 03:15 PM
Here's some good information Tinman posted on Pirate this morning. For current conditions, check Dreamflows at We don't want any JKs sunk in the river like the family the CHP helicopter rescued off the roof of their submerged FJ on Monday. :shaking:

It looks like late June and September will be the best times to run the entire trail.

Ok, I have some info from PG&E on the water release from Fordyce Lake. It is an estimate only.

The dates and the flows are not set in stone.

Factors are a lot of snow, later than usual and the need to empty the lake significantly for a construction project that will happen this year.

They are still spilling at a high rate because they have not yet reached the point where there are under control at either Fordyce or Lake Spaulding.

400 through mid June

125 until July 1st

250 to 350 until mid September. This is the one where they will need to play by ear. It all depends on getting the lake empty enough for their project. The flow will be reduced for Sierra Trek as usual.

Flow will be changed to 5 CFS in mid September and will most likely stay there until the end of the year.

So there you have it. Higher than normal flows this year. Don't count on the exact dates either. I can see a rush of people going in during the later part of June but don't get caught when it goes back up.

From July to September it will be borderline whether there will be access. Keep an eye on Dreamflows for trends.

Be safe!

Bret Preble
Friends of Fordyce