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: Jacked Up Jeep Club Sunday Wheeling

04-18-2009, 08:17 PM
I know it last minute but here it goes. We have a killer spot to wheel some dunes with some pretty cool hills to climb that is about 20 minutes from Winter HAven and probably 40 minutes from the Orlando area.

We'll be meeting at the Winn Dixie located at 28047 US Hwy 27. Dundee, FL 33838 at 10:30 its at the corner of US 27 & Dundee Road. There is also a McDonalds on the West side and a Hardees on the Eastside of the intersection. Post up if your going to meet there so we'll know who to wait for.

PM me if you need my cell and I will give it to anyone that needs to call on the way.
Or if you have Daves number you can call him.

Crazy X
04-19-2009, 02:56 PM
Ill go,when is it :thefinger:

04-19-2009, 07:22 PM
LOL Jose. Had a great time guys. I wanna see someone go up the FACE of that tall dune we all struggled going up the side of.

There are pics on jacked-up-jeepclub.com. I tried to put them here - but I dunno - pissed me off trying.

This one is badass though!:

04-20-2009, 04:07 PM
http://www.imageposter.com/storage/t155/63437DSCF9329.jpg (http://www.imageposter.com/uploads/get/632837)http://www.imageposter.com/storage/t155/7829DSCF9284.jpg (http://www.imageposter.com/uploads/get/632838)http://www.imageposter.com/storage/t155/96211DSCF9332.jpg (http://www.imageposter.com/uploads/get/632840)http://www.imageposter.com/storage/t155/740DSCF9281.jpg (http://www.imageposter.com/uploads/get/632845)
http://www.imageposter.com/storage/t155/49097DSCF9299.jpg (http://www.imageposter.com/uploads/get/632849)http://www.imageposter.com/storage/t155/71172DSCF9339.jpg (http://www.imageposter.com/uploads/get/632855)http://www.imageposter.com/storage/t155/65180DSCF9343.jpg (http://www.imageposter.com/uploads/get/632858)http://www.imageposter.com/storage/t155/56215DSCF9381.jpg (http://www.imageposter.com/uploads/get/632862)http://www.imageposter.com/storage/t155/55012DSCF9385.jpg (http://www.imageposter.com/uploads/get/632863)

little carnage - billy's ujoint.