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: DuraMax Flo N' Go Fuel "Caddy"

04-07-2009, 01:48 PM
This is not really a new product, but I wanted to give everyone a review. I'm always trying crazy ideas, but this one actually seams to have worked ok. I like to ride in the Guadalupe Mountains in NM and I've found that I need 10 gallons of extra fuel to keep from having to cut trails short to go get fuel. I was frustrated by the options (or lack of) for fuel transport. Not many GOOD 5-gal cans out there anymore and the ones that are available are expensive.

Anyway, a couple months back I bought a DuraMax Flo N' Go fuel caddy. http://www.flo-n-go.com/products/product_duramax/
I've been using it for hauling fuel to my J-10 on the farm; it worked out great. But what about on the trail... I removed the wheels and strapped it to my roof rack, hauled it a total of 1800 miles across TX and NM. Took it on ~70 miles of trail. No leaks! It stayed strapped without moving. I'm suprised at how well it actually worked and the 14 gallon capacity rules. I don't expect the "pump" will last too many trips, but the rest of it seems to work well.

I've posted a few pics in my gallery