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: Somebody stole my 35's!

07-13-2007, 11:50 PM
Some sneaky underhanded slimy dog took my 35's!

And replaced them with 37's. :D

Now I have the factory tires with about 2k miles on them and 35's with 2k on them. I need to decide what I am going to sell. I'm considering keeping the 35's on the factory wheels for daily driving but so far I really like the 37's.

Tomorrow I'll post up some pictures as I need to flex it up and see what needs a little trimming. Or will I be working on limiting flex.

07-15-2007, 08:00 AM
Ok so yesterday was a little more hectic than planned so I'm a little late posting the pics.

But here they are......

Here are the unmounted 37's in front of my factory 32's that are mounted. Just a little bigger.

I rolled up a mounted 37 next to my existing 35's. Whoever said 2 inches wasn't much had never seen this picture.

And some pics on a little mound in the backyard.

It looks like I will be using the sawzall today.

Well there they are.

I really like the increased height for belly clearance. And yes these are the BFG MT same as the last set and similar to the factory set. I like the tread design and sidewall improvements on the new MT KM2 and hope to wear these out soon so next year I can sport a set.

Note: I still have to mount my full sized spare but got tired and lazy after redoing 4 tires and wheels with the Staun internal beadlocks which is why you see an abundance of baby powder in the first pic.

08-18-2007, 02:07 PM
i wish i had the same problem as you. :D