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: 2000 Honda Civic Si - Calgary, AB

12-29-2011, 11:54 AM
*EDIT - Sorry for the gigantic pictures. I will get them re-sized when I get home from work today.

Bought a second Jeep in October and its time to sell the car as we don't need 3 vehicles.

This car has been garage parked for 98% of its time with us since 2004. When my wife bought it there was 81000 KM on it.

158xxx KM which is quite low for a 2000
Power everything - Windows, Locks, Sunroof, Mirrors (also heated)
Cruise Control
5 spd Manual
Alpine iPod Deck - Might have 1 year warranty left on it, will have to check the receipt
New speakers all around (Alpine front, Kicker rear) powered by a kicker Amp - These all have warranty on them for another 2.5 years or so.
Dual 10" Kicker subs /w Alpine M500 amp - optional... Price is a bit cheaper if you don't want it. - Warranty on this as well.
Viper Alarm/Starter installed this spring - 1 2way remote, 1 1way.
Feb '11 new clutch, front brake pads and window motors installed
Installed new spark plugs this summer

There is some wear on the interior, but quite minimal
Some minor dings/scuffs on the exterior which is to be expected on an 11 year old car, but very minor...any of the scuffs will likely buff out without issue.
There are two little spots of rust on the roof. They are maybe a couple of millimeters in size.

Anyway that is enough of me rambling. If you are interested let me know. If you would like to see any more pictures let me know and I can take some more.

Retail value of a car in this condition would be between $7500-$9000CND from what I have been able to find.

I'm asking $6500CND OBO. If you don't want the Sub's and Amp I will drop another $500 off that.

https://public.bay.livefilestore.com/y1pWYvgjtkVZIrJaWJiSba8D7gWZB-rHkOG47Ue2mO6xEaFOADXu9EXOjh83OxwyIua9babbn8CAvHdU Q-8CExKug/Car%20Pics%20002.jpg

https://public.bay.livefilestore.com/y1p8C3yI_JN9rXFvl_BL9xNbgy_n9m4IyTtR1dngS30lh1MmQt 1vukbpgocMc2MEmlBXmvmsxRKgneHE4xxGc7GJw/Car%20Pics%20004.jpg

https://public.bay.livefilestore.com/y1p1yQrAKOA667C7DE0uJqMsHinZG-58XFuMjv7YXpU1889uE9tiXeK_RWDgbd2CNNmboA4woXQwMdZn nXzFv79dA/Car%20Pics%20003.jpg