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: tire issue?

02-01-2009, 10:49 AM
i hope not.:pissed: i washed my rubicon this morning. and had to install some entry gaurds. when i was ready to apply some tire foam i noticed a slight bulge in the drivers side rear SIDEWALL at the bottom. stock bfg mt km. 255/75/17.
odd part is i moved it a bit, and it was gone. remember i got this used. 13k miles. i really have nothing to show the dealer if i *itch about it. temps or something else? they have the right pressure. at time of purchase, dealer was offering a MAP tire and wheel warranty. unlimited mileage i believe. pro rated. $140 i think. i am wondering if this would be a good investment? back to the tire, ideas?
i was parked level, but it could have been the ice/snow build up on the driveway. being the buldge was at the bottom, not up the sidewall!