: 40th, $$$$, some conspirators = one bad haircut

10-22-2007, 10:03 AM
So my friend Randy turned 40. Now Randy for as long as I've known him over the last decade has always sported a pony tail. I think this was his last visible trace of a rebellious youth. So as part of his finally growing up birthday party, he agrees to finally lop off his signature pony tail.

Well first a little history before we get into this. Randy is a great guy. He likes to 4wheel and one of his passions is land use and keeping lands open for public access. Randy lives in Sacramento so one of his favorite spots to be in is the Rubicon Trail. Randy loves this and our trails so much that Randy has been at every land use meeting I've ever heard of. Randy donates his time to the cause of keeping lands open. Randy often is so generous with "his time" that more often than not we have to drive to Moab just so we can wheel together. Randy is a regular with FOTR, Friends Of The Rubicon and FOE, Friends Of El Dorado. Randy rubs shoulders with those of the Blue Ribbon Coalition and the California Four Wheel Drive Club. If there is a land use issue, Randy is aware of it. If there is a land use meeting within several hundred miles of home, Randy is there, even if he drives all night and misses out on sleep to be there.

Randy also drives an Isuzu. Which is what gave me the opportunity to meet him and his wife, in Moab some 10 years ago as I had just purchased a brand new Amigo and wanted to take it out on trails. Randy and I seemed to hit if off right from the start and he helped guide in the ways of driving and owning an "odd-ball" vehicle in the 4wd world. It was his inspiration for me to convince Marlin of Marlin Crawler fame, that Marlin should help me in my quest to fit dual transfer cases in an Isuzu so I too could have a crawling Amigo, like Randy's. It was also Randy that with his wife Kammy, myself and Debbie along with Corbin and Deanna and Steve formed a non-profit organization around Isuzu enthusiasts that held an event in Moab to become the second largest, organized and BLM approved, off road event in Moab after EJS.

So to say that Randy has been a part of the off road community and does everything to ensure we and our children still can participate in off highway activity is an understatement, even if you do drive an odd-ball vehicle.

So Randy turned 40. Kammy arranged to have friends meet up at Robbs Resort on the Icehouse road, which is on the way to the Rubicon. So it was a fitting location for Randy's historic event.

So here is Randy and his infamous pony tail.


Now, Randy looks like the off center scientist Brent Spiner from Independence Day. But is always willing to be a little silly just for a smile and a laugh.


Here is Randy attempting his best Paula Abdul impersonation.


And Debbie testing out the sheep shears.


There was many people to "welcome" Randy and wish him a happy birthday.


There was also a few "conspirators" providing some numbing fluid and mental conditioning for what lies ahead.


But first the traditional Birthday Cake, illuminated by his wife. Apparently they couldn't get a burn permit so had to limit the amount of fire on top of the cake.


Kammy did some cake cutting while Randy was MIA and probably engaging in some ritualistic drinking of libations to celebrate his reaching the top of the "hill".


So here it is, my very last picture of Randy sporting his signature pony tail.


10-22-2007, 10:06 AM
Now I did say Randy is very much active with land us issues right? So Randy's birthday party attendees also consist of Friends Of El Dorado there either by coincidence or design and are helping raise funds to keep public lands open.

So many have donated during Randy's party and some even were coughing up money to watch/cut or have some of Randy's infamous locks.

But that wasn't to be the case. The first snip of Randy's pony tail came from a girl who is surviving Leukemia and is a symbolic gesture as Randy will be donating his hair to other (probably already gray) survivors.

So Randy gets his first snip.


And off comes the pony tail.


I think Randy is in shock.


Now Randy gets the rest of his hair cut.


Wow, who is that guy?



10-22-2007, 10:07 AM
I did mention that Randy is all for land use right? I mentioned that there was some libations being served at the bar right? It was Randy's birthday and everyone had to buy him a drink, right? Oh and there WAS some conspirators around, right.

You guessed it. Randy accepted a few more shots along with some bribes in the form of donations to FOTR and FOE and a little coercion, and .......






Ok I had a feeling with those in attendance and the amount of consumption something was going to happen but I never figured on this.


Oh and I don't think Kammy was too wild about it.


But she's starting to feel a little better about it.


I am not sure how much Randy's 40th birthday party raised for land use but it was great to be around so many good people and having a good time for a good cause and such a great man.

Happy Birthday Randy!

10-22-2007, 11:23 AM
Loved the pics. That told a good story too. Lots of fun.

10-22-2007, 12:18 PM
I'm glad you liked it! It was definitely a good time. :bounce:

10-22-2007, 01:02 PM
What a great lookin' party.