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: EDRA 10-25-08

10-26-2008, 06:22 PM
Here are a few pics I took at EDRA. I really like this place and it is going to be really challenging....sorry there aren't more, but I was spending more time cutting trails. Sorry for the quality, I forgot my camera on the ATV, trails up was too steep and scary (lots of marble rocks)

We worked on what is called the Rim Trail, Its really not hard except for the fact that this place has more small rocks than I have ever seen, so you are constantly slipping and sliding, the slope up has a few ledges, then once your up, there are a few little things to play on, but it is very scenic, you are way up there...

This is a small ledge...we are at the top of one of the hills or whatever you want to call them, they are much higher than they look from the ground....this seems simple, but there is more to it..

This is approaching the ledge...to the left of the Jeep is the pucker, the slope begins there and its a long ways down...


Little off camber, not much, but the rocks are like marbles here, thousands of them, so they are always in your mind...

Going up, Steve couldn't make it because his skid, just barely caught,,,,its not that bad, you just need to have some clearance on some of these..

Will continue below..

10-26-2008, 06:36 PM
Ok, this is the tough way up. The hill the Rim Trail is on meets up with another hill and the draw between them will be set up ass another way up to the top and is a bit more challenging...

I didn't walk all the way to the botton, but this is one of the decent obstacles...That is about 4 feet tall and the lip may need to be removed to prevent people from going over and rolling all the way to the bottom...It looks more intimidating in person...

Nuther ledge a little ways up




Nuther....looking up the draw


This is from the top...just to give you some perspective on how high we are on the top and the views...

there are a few more pics on here, but I didn't take many since we were working all day...

The Rim trail and 101 are the only ones I know of that they have started....I don't think any are completed yet. Rim is a challenge, we couldn't find a good way down (except the way we came in) because of the sheer caprock and the steepness and rocks....they are likely going to bring in wither heavy equipment, or dynamite or both,,,,,

This pic is where we had come down and were driving around the back side, the hill is to the left and it doesn't look like much, but it is steep, sheer caprock ledge, and lots of loose rocks....