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: Poison Spider Customs Closed

a plumber
10-14-2008, 05:29 PM
PSC closed officially.......


Good Luck Clifton!

10-14-2008, 05:35 PM
i just read that. is it true?

Can anyone tell me if this is true?

http://www.colorado 4x4.org/vbb/ showthread. php?t=134176

Shutting down the business as a full manufacturer and relocating from
Colorado to Texas.

The new shop will be focusing on building their Spyderlock bead lock
wheel line. Eventually get back to custom fab work, but they are
finished with mass producing parts for people.

10-14-2008, 06:27 PM
it is true:bawling: I got one of the last sets of rocker knockers and called today to get the body armor but it is a no go.

a plumber
10-14-2008, 07:18 PM
he is not literally going back to TX, he is opening a small shop over off Titan Rd, if i read it correctly. Check out the last paragraph.

Alec W
10-14-2008, 08:19 PM
he is not literally going back to TX, he is opening a small shop over off Titan Rd, if i read it correctly. Check out the last paragraph.

Thatís how I see it after I read it a couple of times.

Now I donít get to see cool Jeeps every day next door to my office :bawling:

10-15-2008, 08:54 AM
he is not literally going back to TX, he is opening a small shop over off Titan Rd, if i read it correctly. Check out the last paragraph.

Yeah, it was a reference to a song about taking life easier. =)


10-15-2008, 10:46 AM
Press Release sent to me from Clifton himself -

Poison Spyder Customs Reorganizes

It has been rumored that Poison Spyder was closing, having problems or
just reorganizing. I recently addressed some of this on the boards, if
you read closely you would have caught that I was contemplating another
direction at that time. I have entertained a change for over a year now
and finally pulled the trigger. I'am closing Poison Spyder customs down
in it's current form, as a full manufacturer.

I originally started out building Baja bugs at age 15, learned allot
but moved on to Jeeps. Had a five year gig with the army in a Special
forces unit as a commo specialist and Thai linguist, after an injury was
forced to redirect my life plan. I never forgot the off road world, and
figured I would try to find a place in it. Worked at a small shop called
Wilderness off road, then to 4 Wheel parts doing special projects while
writing for 4X4 Power and JP magazine. Partnered with my buddy Steve
Rumore, sold my house, paid all of my debts and moved into 1000 ft. shop
in the heart of Denver. Steve maintaining the sister shop in
Bayfeild,Colorado. This was Avalanche engineering. My dogs and I lived
at various shops for six years as the company grew through the Avalanche
days and then separated into Poison Spyder customs. Bringing along a
heritage of innovation and style that is still part of the modern DNA of
the rock machines built today. We grew from those meager days to a fully
encapsulated and self sufficient manufacturer. As I reflect over the
past twenty five years in the dirt world, owning an off road company of
Poison Spyder's size and abilities should have been the pinnacle. When I
got to the top of that mountain I found myself looking back wishing I
had stopped somewhere along the way.

The above is very summarized history, all a continued evolution built
on vehicles and component innovation. One of the first questions
everyone poses to me is what are you going to do with all of the parts,
are you still going to build any of them? No, with a couple of
exceptions. Another popular inquiry is where can I get equivalent
parts? Even with our components in the grasp of mimicking companies,
they could never seem to find the recipe, the perfect combination of
function and style that we always aspired to. So to this question I
don't have an answer. We grew as a company with our foundation in hard
core components, parts that had never been seen or conjured up before.
For those of you that were wheeling in the late eighties and early
ninety's, you can remember when chrome tube bumpers and diamond plate
were the cutting edge. We the renegade hard cores of those days that
could be seen running the trails with full width axles, exotic
suspensions and these gnarly looking mud tires called Swampers. We
couldn't travel the ever escalating trails we were pushing with the off
the shelf equipment that was available then. Those parts were more
inspired by show truck fashion, and was not the answer for the direction
the off road world was destined to follow. Regrettably I'am not driven
to continue building and creating some of the best hard core parts in
our industry on a production level.

Many people have passed through over the years, I would like to
mention several stand outs that were and are integral in our growth and
Steve Rumore: A good friend, one of the only people in our
industry that could really impress me
Tim Turner: Best fab tech I ever had, an eccentric for sure,
but the great ones always are
Paul Herrera: A great organizer, the last one standing a 4AM when
something had to get done, huge potential to further himself in the industry
Curt Sadler: A jack of all trades, could cover any position in
the company and do it well, and a good friend
Larry wood: A consistent rock of reliability, a trusted cohort,
worked at Spyder longer than anyone
AJ Slay: Always a positive force at the shop, the best sales
person we have ever had, kept me in touch with reality
Bret Glassett: A creative mind that elevated our company on many
levels and a respectable wheeler
Chris Kreutzer: Another individual that came with many unique
skills that pushed us upward
Karl Westendorf: A company first man, always looked out for my
and Poison Spyders best interest, most capable

So what is to become of Poison Spyder customs? AJ, our daughter, two
dogs and I are moving to Luckenbach Texas... well not in a literal
sense. However we are going to re-open the first week of November in our
new shop. We are leaving behind the tasking dynamics of a large
business, staff and burdens that have grown with us over the years.
Going back in time to a shop only a hundred yards from my second shop
off of Titan court. Our foundation being the Spyderlock bead lock line,
of which I'am excited to focus and expand on. Further, after AJ and I
get reorganized I will return to building Rock rods, custom machines and
trail guiding. We greatly appreciate your patronage of Poison Spyder
customs, and look forward to reacquainting with everyone under our new

Clifton and AJ Slay

11-02-2008, 06:42 PM
To bad. They made good products.