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: help...overdrive flaky after lift install

08-30-2008, 09:46 PM
I never used my overdrive button, but after adding 35" tires and a Poly II 3" in lift I decided to try it. It's hit or miss as far as turning off the overdrive. Then once I get it switched off, it won't switch back on.

Anyone had this before after a lift install? To get my springs in, I disconnected almost everything from the axel - any chance I messed something up?

By the way the 3" poly springs on a stock rubi give 4"-4.5" inches of lift.

Thanks for the help.

08-31-2008, 09:38 AM
I doubt it is anything to do with the lift, and I haven't heard of this issue been caused by a lift.

The switch is just a momentary switch that sends a signal to the PCM to activate/deactivate the 3-4 upshift solenoid. There should be no connection to the locker or abs wiring.

Of course, you don't know if it worked correctly before, so it is kind of hard to say if the lift had anything to do with it, but I doubt it.

Dumb question I know, but are you sure it is not working, as moving to 35's without regearing may cause some issues in holding overdrive anyway. Is it possible you are in 3 when trying to turn off the OD and not actually in OD? I know this may sound stupid, but count the gears when getting up to speed and make sure you are in 4 when pressing the OD button.

I'd also check for codes (not all throw a light) and see if there is anything there. The system checks solenoids quite often and these could effect OD and/or throw a DTC, but may not throw a light.

I know this is pretty obvious, but if someone ever spilled some soda or something around the switch, it may be causing the switch to not work correctly.

jtphoto JK
09-21-2008, 06:58 PM
UNlike my 98 Ram 1500 which changed ratios when OD was shut off, in the JK the OD button merely stops it from shifting into 4TH. So, and I will agree with Phill, I believe what you are experiencing is a situation where the trans is actually in third when you try and shut off the OD so you notice no difference other then the light on your dash. My JK seldom stays in 4th ( OD ) since I put on the 35's.