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: 2008 Annual Hump N Bump BIGGER and BETTER then ever!!!

07-24-2008, 12:45 PM
The 28th Annual Hump N Bump will take place
November 7th and 8th 2008.

28th Annual Hump n Bump CLICK FOR INFO (http://www.vv4w.org/humpnbump.asp)

this year we have reserved the County Fair grounds for camping
it has power / water and lots of room for all the RV`s

The Trails!
The follow trails will be ran this year:

Arockalpse - Extreme trail with a gigantic boulder at the beginning. This trail is rated 4 and should not be attempted unless you have 35"+ tires, 2 lockers and do not care what you vehicle looks like!

Bowl Trail - Perfect trail for those with stock to lightly modified vehicles. The trail winds through the desert through some very scenic parts of the Logandale area. There are a few obsitcles for those of you adventurous types but all are optional. At the very end of the run you can really test your driving skills and attempt the S-TURN. Though it is optional we suggest lockers front and rear and there is a possibility for some body damage. Full size not recommended in the S-Turn and are guaranteed body damage.

Bronco Falls - A trail named after the one biggest obsticles in the trail, a huge vertical climb up a rock wall. Though it looks more intimidating then it is difficult a good set of tires and some low gears will get you to the top.

Hawkins Trail - Scenic trail that takes you through the mountains to the valley adjacent to the Logandale Valley. This is the connector trail for many other trails such as Matterhorn, Arockalypse and The Bowl trail. So if your looking for a scenic easier trail take the Hawkins Trail.

Matterhorn - Rated probubly a 2 this trail is good for those slightly modified vehicles. Scenic ride through the Logandale hills to some mild obsticles. Great optional off camber climb just before a large climb that puts you back in the launch postition.

Rock Bottom - This is a great trail for those looking for a challenge. Rated a 3+ this trail will test your rig. The entrance to the trail is a V notch that you tip toe through. From there you crawl some sand stone obsticles along the way until you end up in a canyon with 4 ways out. The easiest is rated a 2 or 3 the hardest put mosts on there roof! As the trail comes to an end you have two ways to exit the trail: the S turn near the end of the trail where your powersteering, gearing and brake control abilities get a major workout or the waterfall which is pretty steep flat rock wall decent. After the trail have some fun at the sand dunes and back to base camp. Trail will take about half the day with a large group so bring snacks and plenty of water.

****ter Trail - This trail will challenge the stock the vehicle but still have excitement for those modified rigs with some optional obsticles. This trail is also close to base camp and is famous for unofficial night runs. Rated about a 2-3 depending on the optional obsticles.

Nevada BackRoaders are leading some scenic trails
Bitter Springs and The Logandale Loop.

Please note:
The Country Fair Grounds have 110 power / water / restrooms
to use this facility we need to add a RV fee.
$20.00 for the event

New Information:

No Fee for tent camping on the grass
No Parking on the grass
There is an area wide enough next to the grass and RV`s
that will be reserved for tent camping

We have new vendors for this year that want to come set up a display of their products.
We had over 15k in prizes to give away last year. We expect a lot more this year.

Register Online (http://www.vv4w.org/humpnbumpregistration.asp)

*MS Internet must be used fill out the form*

07-24-2008, 02:21 PM
Pics from Hump N Bump 2007











07-24-2008, 02:23 PM








08-04-2008, 07:04 PM
just an update on sponsors for the 28th Annual Hump N Bump

Rockstar Energy Drinks has come on board and has donated $3500 worth of energy drinks to be in all the trail guide vehicles as well as at our "home" campsite back at Trail Headquarters. They have 9 flavors to choose from and our Trail Guides will have them all on board their vehicle on every run. Just ask them for a ROCKSTAR!

Rockstar Energy Drinks can be found here http://www.rockstar69.com/

08-05-2008, 08:09 AM
Looks fun. There were some nice rigs in the pics from last year.

08-29-2008, 08:00 PM
just an update on sponsors for the 28th Annual Hump N Bump

Warn Winches has come on board big for this years Hump N Bump. Known most recently for their Warn Powerplant combining the reliability of a Warn winch with an air compressor set up.
Warn Winches Can be found here

Hi Lift Jacks and Accessories has also come on board in a big way. They not only make the most popular jack for off roaders they make plenty of accessories to help you use it.
Hi-Lift Jacks can be found here

09-07-2008, 02:06 PM
Our newest sponsors of the 2008 28th Annual Hump N Bump!!

Ready Welder
Six years went into the research and development of the Ready Welder Models. Alpha and Beta testing was performed on the Ready Welder models for over two years and the models have been commercially sold for more than eight years. It's Patented wire feed circuitry, quality parts, and journeyman workmanship, make the Ready Welder II a must have tool for not only Professionals, but for Do-it-Yourself Handy-men and Handy-women as well.

Ready Welder Corporation stands by its products, its product warranties, and its method of conducting business. Ready Welder is about integrity of management, manufacturing and product-development and continuous improvement.

Power Tank is the original high performance CO2 air system for offroad, 4x4, desert, sand, construction, RV, and commercial use. Power Tank is the ultimate on board air system for performance and reliability and your source for all air related accessories such as HD tire inflators, Monster Valves, tire deflators, N2 shock fillers, tire plug kits, mounting brackets, roll bar clamps, Speed Bags, SuperFlow regulator kits, HP air couplers, CO2 pumps, ARB air locker kits, and Lovell T-case air kits. When you buy a Power Tank you get smart design, high performance, guaranteed reliability, and the best warranty in the industry.

09-07-2008, 02:18 PM
Our newest sponsors of the 2008 28th Annual Hump N Bump!!

Gibson Exhaust
If you are looking for the industry leader in aftermarket exhaust systems look no further then Gibson Exhausts. Gibson has been raising the bar for all other manufactures to play catch up on each and every exhaust system they set out to make. Wether it be your catback for your Jeep, Hummer, or Toyota FJ or that diesel tow vehicle Gibson has a performance exhaust for your vehicle.

09-07-2008, 02:18 PM
wow nice pics... Though did you clear it with the board b4 posting up all the sponsors? Would be nice if they joined the site to get advertised...

Looks like a great time however...

09-07-2008, 02:26 PM
Another GREAT sponsor to the 2008 Hump N Bump

Northridge 4x4
If you order parts off the internet there is no better service you will get then from David at Northridge 4X4. David not only has extensive knowledge in the Jeeping world including the new JK (he has two of them) he also has some of the best prices on shipped to your door parts.

09-11-2008, 10:04 AM
Our newest sponsor of the 2008 28th Annual Hump N Bump!!

T&T Customs & Trek Offroad
We at T&T Customs have put forth great effort to offer high performance products manufactured from quality materials. Our unique suspension and body armor designs have allowed many to drive down the less beaten path. For you, this year will be different than recent years. You will plan a few more trips than you have in the past. This year you'll run those trails you've always wanted to run.
Don't worry, this new confidence is only a side effect of becoming TREKS EQUIPPED....Go with the best, Go TREKS.
These guys have parts for whatever kind of Jeep you may drive including our new Jeep JK (they have some pretty sweet parts for your JK)