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: changing stereo ?'s

10-05-2007, 07:08 PM
so heres the question, will it sound better using the metra harness that uses the stock infinity amp or get a 5 ch amp to power the stock speakers? i cant replace thje speakers yet due to im broke. it would be cheaper top just use the metra harness (i get a discount on it) than getting a 5ch amp but im thinking it will sound better with a aftermarket amp, prob is we dont sell 5 ch amps where i work but do have a place i can get one at cost (most likely)

10-05-2007, 09:49 PM
For now I would just go on the cheap and get the harness. The stock speakers while for stock aren't to horrible an amp will probably over drive them and end there life a little early. The rule of thumb in stereos is you can't over power a speaker only under power. That doesn't ring true with your stock ones. Plus as it is right now the Infinity amp is matched to the speakers so it's about as good as there going to sound.

You may get a boost in clarity due to your new headunit will produce a cleaner output on the high level outs (those that tie into the Infinity). So go cheap and save your money for a good four channel like a Sound Stream or Memphis then redo all your speakers and wiring at the same time.