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: Introducing Meathook Lemondrop...

03-18-2008, 05:42 AM

03-18-2008, 05:51 AM
Just a short note of introduction... My name is Len and I am coming to you from Nova Scotia, Canada. This Jeep is the culmination of my Jeeping experiences and one that I built from the start once, instead of going again through the "stages" that so many builds go through.

In fact, it was cheaper to buy tires, rims, and mods once with high quality stuff than it was to go through the aforementioned process.

Over the past 10 years or so I have learned what I like to do and what I am not comfortable with, and this Jeep (2nd Rubi... Will NOT be selling this one. LMAO) will do pretty well ALL of what I will ask of it.

I admit is is a bit blingy, but I am at ease with that.


03-18-2008, 06:26 PM
Nice looking rig Len! I wish Detonator Yellow had been available when I bought mine. :)

03-18-2008, 07:46 PM
Welcome, & fantastic Rubi flex,,,,the Det Yellow looks great.

03-19-2008, 01:19 PM
Way to go !

I look forward to accumulating the experience to ba able to call those shots. But I doubt I'll be pulling off the "one op build" as I do not intend to give up the TOAD. I also wanted the yellow. But the 6 speed was priority, so beggars can't be choosers...;)