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: Went to the TeraFlex All-Jeep Show...

06-07-2009, 09:03 PM
As the title says I went to, as well as entered the TeraFlex All-Jeep show again this year. The bar was set pretty high considering we won best of show last year. This year it was a bit different and alot larger. It was free to all spectators and $10 to enter.

Last year there were about 50 entrants and it was limited to Jeeps as the show title would describe. This year I am guessing it was opened to other vehicles considering I seen several Toyotas and an H3 participating. There may have been others but I didn't notice them. And of course, the custom built buggies were present as they were last year.

I am guessing there were over a hundred entries this year but I am unsure on the actual count. Maybe Carl (TeraFlex) or JoeT can give an exact count if anyone is wants to know. But either way, it was about double the size as last years entries. There were alot of JK's and a ton of awesome TJ's and several YJ and CJ's that stood out for sure. Not to exclude the XJ's or the other Wagons (not sure what designation they are). Everytime I see one of those older wagons it reminds me of my inlaws that had one with shag carpeting interior. We all called it the "Shag'n Wagon" and they never clued into it, it was quite funny.

The location this year was out at the Larry Miller Motorsports Park. They have an offroad facility that was recently put in and it turned out to be a great place for the show. The course is pretty cool and can be quite challenging depending upon your build. A bit rough or unfinished though considering the restrooms and concessions were a ways away. But TeraFlex had a couple of 4 door JK's (JoeT was one for a while) that played as restroom taxis throughout the day so it wasn't all bad. One would assume that they will build some facilities near the course as long as the interest continues to grow. Overall, it was an great place for the show.

There were several vendors that had booths setup and a raffle that lasted for quite a while with the big prize being a cruise for 2. All other prizes were offroad related and most of them would have been quite cool to have won. I wasn't lucky enough or didn't buy enough tickets, however you wanna look at it.

The classes expanded some this year as opposed to last year. Last year the classes were for all jeep models combined. This year they separated the models. So instead of having only one 1st place winner for the daily driver class, you had one for the JK, TJ, CJ, etc. I think we got lucky last year being the newer model JK and with what mods we had done to her that we were able to pull a "Best of Show" trophy. So the bar was set pretty high for us and we had nowhere to go but down. As it turned out, we snagged up the 1st place for the JK Trail Rig class, WHOO-HOO!!! On a side note, the best of show winner this year left before they gave away the trophy so we didn't get to check out the winning rig. I'm sure TeraFlex will post pics of all the winners on thier website like they did last year.

Props to TeraFlex and all who helped put this together. I had great time wandering around checking out all the vehicles, talking with the different people and hearing the build stories behind the rigs.

And now after all of that reading, if you read it that is, I am sure you'll be slightly dissapointed in that I only got a handful of pics to show ya. I'm telling ya, the camera battery situation and I have always been an issue an this time proved even worse. If anyone else attended please post whatever pics you got as well. Anyways, on to the few pics that I have:








This green thing is sporting 49" tires. It drove completly up and over the RTI ramp, front and rear tire, without even flinching.

06-07-2009, 11:56 PM
Congrats on your win! Looks like a lot of fun.

Besides sheet metal was there any Jeep left in that GreenMonster?

06-08-2009, 01:06 PM
Congrats on your win! Looks like a lot of fun.

Besides sheet metal was there any Jeep left in that GreenMonster?

I'd have to say not. The frame was even all pipe/tube so there couldn't have been much of anything else Jeep on it.

06-08-2009, 01:41 PM
It was a good time, and a fantastic turnout! We ran out of registration numbers at 120, and there were a few after that--plus the employee's and vendor's rigs, we probably had 150 there. :cool:

We're still getting all of our pictures organized and stuff, but for now here's a gallery on a local site: http://www.rockymountainextreme.com/gallery/v/teraplus2009show/

06-08-2009, 08:13 PM
Looks like a great venue. The obstacles look very challanging. Scrogg, congratulations on another first place. Your rig rocks. :beer: